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DVD Decrypter is a tool to create a backup of the DVD content. You can either copy of the content on your hard drive, or you can also create ISO and IFO images, and store them as per your requirements.

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DVD Decrypter review

DVD Decrypter is a tool to create a backup of the DVD content. You can either copy of the content on your hard drive, or you can also create ISO and IFO images, and store them as per your requirements.

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Functionality 4.5/5

DVD Decrypter finds immense utility while creating a backup of the DVDs as per user’s specifications. The simplistic use of this tool is to create an exact copy of the DVD without altering the important movie files such as IFO, VOB, BUP, and so on.

For users who demand advanced functionalities, you can choose to omit or include certain files as per your needs. The DVD Decrypter detects the DVD when it is inserted into the optical drive. After detection, it loads all the titles of files on the screen. Here, you can sort the files as per your wish.

Generate ISO or IFO images using DVD Decrypter. This is beneficial when you want to edit the components of the DVD content.

Design – 3.5/5

The design of DVD Decrypter is a basic rectangular box that displays the menu on the top. Here, you will find various options like – File, Edit, View, Mode, Tools, and Help. The lucid interface displays the DVD content in the form of a list. You can choose the source, such as an optical drive, and it will display the content along with the details.

For advanced controls, you can explore the Edit and Tools section. Besides copying the DVD content, you can perform various tasks such as erasing rewritable discs and generating DVD MDS files.

Usability 3.5/5

The DVD Decrypter tool is no longer updated by the developer. This does not mean it has no utility now. It can perform multiple tasks with perfection. If you are worried about the compatibility, you would like to know that it can run on Windows 10.
The compact file size also promotes efficient functioning without any lags. Whether it’s copying the DVD content, creating ISO and IFO images, rewriting discs, or enabling advanced functionalities; DVD Decrypter will deliver as per your expectations.

The ISO and IFO images can be altered to change the video quality, patching some regions, backing up certain files and removing others, set volume levels, and so on.

Cross-Platform Use 3/5

DVD Decrypter tool finds utility specifically for systems powered by Windows operating system. Although obsolete, this tool is still compatible with the latest Windows 10.


If you are looking for a minimalistic tool that accomplishes the tasks without any issues, you can consider downloading DVD Decrypter. The compressed size along with a user-friendly interface is an ideal backing up tool for the novice users.

As the updates are not available now, it can pose security threats to your system. But if your system is protected with a security tool, you can go ahead and install this application.

Create a replica of DVD content and store it on your hard drive for future use. If you’d like to enhance the quality of the video, decrypt it using DVD Decrypter and utilize advanced controls.



DVD Decrypter can be considered for backing up DVD content. You can also consider other options that are regularly updated.

Pros : Available for Free;
User-friendly interface;
Performs multiple functions;
Compatible with Windows 10.

Cons : Not updated anymore;
May pose security risks.

Functionality 4.5

Design 3.5

Usability 3.5

Cross-platform use 3

Average : 3.6

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