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The PIXresizer app is a useful program for resizing images and allowing users to easily convert any images to other file formats in a few simple clicks.

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The PIXresizer app is a useful program for resizing images and allowing users to easily convert any images to other file formats in a few simple clicks.

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Functionality 3/5

The PIXresizer app makes photo resizing fast and easy, and gives users the option to transfer any image file to JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, or PNG file formats. The simple-to-navigate interface allows users to submit the photo sources they prefer, and create folders that hold categorized images in whatever source they intend to convert to. The app allows for mass image uploads but does not allow for drag-and-drop user options. The PIXresizer app allows you to change the complete size of an item and its dimensions, or keep it the same when transferring to the folder. Users can also enlarge their images, change DPI level, add grayscale to photos, maintain EXIF info, change the image location, and a variety of other settings all use the convenient app.

The PIXresizer app does not utilize a large amount of your system’s memory or resources and does not tend to slow down your processor. However, when working with a large number of images, the PIXresizer app can take a substantial amount of time to develop multiple photos, which can impact your system’s functioning speed. Another helpful resource is found in the help section of the PIXresizer app, which provides users a thorough database of lessons and images to walk you through the processes. The app has a high quality of photo output and is relatively free of pop-ups and advertisements, which make browsing a breeze.

Design 3/5

The straightforward design interface of PIXresizer is standard for Windows and easy to walk through. There is nothing advanced in terms of design, but the simple layout makes for a user-friendly experience.

Usability 4/5

Users of all skill levels will find PIXresizer to be an easy app to use for all of their image altering needs. The help sections make it simple to get assistance for everything from the most basic to more advanced concerns. The simple interface is exceptionally easy to navigate, for all users looking to enhance or edit their photos. The program is standard for Windows and doesn’t have any options that might be concealed or difficult to get to.

Cross-Platform Use 3/5

This software is designed for use with Windows OS 98 or higher.

In-App Purchases

This app is a free software that does not contain any additional purchases or paid add-on options.


The PIXresizer app is an adequate tool for altering photo size and format quickly and easily and is beneficial for all users of any skill level.



This app is a convenient and easy-to-use interface for image resizing and format editing, that doesn’t drain system resources or negatively impact computer performance.

Pros : User-friendly
Relatively free of pop-ups and advertisements
Thorough help section
Variety of additional settings and features

Cons : Large quantities of photos can take a long time to load
Only for use with Windows OS

Functionality 3

Design 3

Usability 4

Cross-platform use 3

Average : 3.3

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