The TinEye Client app is a convenient software that helps users seek out all sources of photos that are similar in order to select a different version of an original image.

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Tineye review

The TinEye Client app is a convenient software that helps users seek out all sources of photos that are similar in order to select a different version of an original image.

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Functionality 4.5/5

TinEye Client is a beneficial app that makes finding a similar image to any chosen photo you select, simple and easy. TinEye’s intuitive interface takes hours out of searching for similar images, and also allows users assistance in integrated context menu components, with just a few easy clicks. The layout is smart and professional, and concise tabs make choosing any selection easy and quick. The app’s design makes navigation simple, and options are readily available to the eye so that you can view all of your selections from an organized start menu. The app allows users the freedom to upload any image directly to the main screen, and also scans the internet for similar photos.

The app outlines all useful information relevant to the similar files that pop up in the search, including the size, original location, file extension and so on. The TinEye Client app makes it easy to activate or deactivate the shell option extension and choose how you wish to organize and list your uploaded photos. The intuitive interface also scans for additional relevant images of your uploads, in case anything new is submitted on any website that may be of use to the user. The app is proven to have a good rate of performance and runs smoothly and efficiently with little to no glitches. This software is also lightweight and does not drain the computer’s memory or CPU while running. TinEye Client also maintains good computer performance while in use.

Design 5/5

The TinEye client app contains an intuitive and professional interface that is easy for any user to navigate and is well-organized for ease of use. Detailed tabs on the main page make it easy to find what you’re looking for at a glance and keep all of your options neat and accessible.

Usability 4.5/5

This app is user-friendly and convenient for downloading similar images to an original upload file and storing them neatly within the TinEye Client database. Users of any background and skill level would find it easy to use and conveniently laid out.

Cross-Platform Use 3/5

The TinEye Client app supports use with Windows OS.

In-App Purchases

This app is a free software that allows all users to access its features, without any advertisements or additional options for purchase.


The TinEye Client app is a useful software for all users that gives access to a search engine which makes finding similar images simple, and without draining system resources.




TinEye Client is a convenient tool for seeking out similar images, as well as downloading and cataloging those images in an intuitive database that is efficient and user-friendly.

Pros : Lightweight and doesn’t drain CPU or memory;
Quick search capabilities and organized database;
Intuitive and simple navigation of the software;

Cons : Only available for use with Windows OS.

Functionality 4.5

Design 5

Usability 4.5

Cross-platform use 3

Average : 4.3

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